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Kolli hills trekking

Last week we six friends went to kolli hills , i was representing CTC , Kolli hills is located in central Tamil Nadu . The mountains are about 1000 to 1300 m in height and cover an area of approximately 280 km². The Kolli Hills are part of the Eastern Ghats .This mountain is famous for all kinds of herbals and black magic .The mountains are relatively untouched by tourism and still retain their natural beauty .we started on Friday afternoon around 01.00 pm from Chennai , reached the base of the hill place called Puliancholai, it was around 08.30 pm we stayed in the temple mandapam which is located near the banks of the river ,one of my friend who is native of Kolli hills arranged for one driver and one guide .From Puliancholai there is no road ways to hill top so Driver (dhayalan) took my car on the road which is around 85 km from the base to top in different route, Morning around 08.00 am we started our trekking with our guide (swami), he is one of expert in finding the herbals inside the deep forest .

There are four different ways to reach top , we opted the 14 KM walk which is all through the river and forest mixed , hence there is less rain for last week we managed to walk in the middle of the river rocks which is little bit slippery. we saw around 3 caves in different location , middle of the way we saw many snakes , Hedgehogs and one bear from long view. water is really cool and taste of herbal mixed , water is not available on certain few km on the forest way although we managed with bottle . Path is really steep and narrow , at last the trek ended near to the water falls of kolli hills , this place is called Agaya Gangai waterfalls the gorgeous 300 feet water falls , which is really freezing and nice view . We had our lunch there spend more time in water . once we come out we were to stunned to see the 1000 steps to climb up to which is steep and small. once we came out our car is waiting for us , we were searching for hotel to have our dinner it was raining at that time , finally our guide took us to one house where we prepared our dinner like rice , sambar and appalam it was really nice stuff.we reached our guest house around 09.30 pm ,all my friends are first time trekkers who were really tired and sharing their pains to each other and cursing me . next day morning 08.00 am , we went to my friends resort and had bath in the lake , started exploring the places , went to many temples and sight seeing located in diff location , we went to visited one siadhder (Monk) his age is around 120 spend some time with him , we ordered our lunch in a small hotel it was like home made food .creasing areas of forests are cleared for farming. Important farm products of the mountain ranges include coffee, tea, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Black pepper and other spices. Rice and other minor millets form the staple food of the tribal people who inhabit these mountains.

The Jack fruit grown on these mountains is well known for its delicious taste and fragrance , all the fruits are grown naturally without fertilizers .we went to weekend market to purchase fruits . Our guide arranged for one soup it is called ( muravan attu kal kazangu soup ),this soup is available only one house in kolli hills , forest officials asked locals not to sale this soup hence it is huge demand, the key factor of this soup is 100% veg taste like mutton soup ,it is very good for people who suffering from joint pain , cholesterol, diabetes etc.., it is also used in herbal medicines..Now let me tell u the wired part of kolli hills , when we were talking to couple of locals they said about black magic , they refered some people we enquired to our guide (swami) , he completed refused the information after the huge discussion he agreed to take us to that place , first we went to one asharamam to meet one person he is out of station , we spoke to his assistance he said he can tell everything about us by doing meditation , first my friend stood in front of him say about 5 minutes ,at last he said some information which is 50% correct , next i stood for 3 minutes information which he said is 100% wrong , we visited many person in and around of the villages for black magic, some asked to come on particular day some refused to see.when we had tea in a shop again discussion went on this topic with some local mates , they revealed the information that there is old man who is around 75 years , who can transform into many forms , first i didn't believe that , we left that place travelled to diff location and enquired that information to other local people , first they refused then they accepted asked how we know , then i enquired to my guide he was totally shocked and refused completely , then he accepted we asked him to take us to that place , he was giving silly reason to take us , we stood in our way then he accepted to take us ,we travelled around 15 km remote village on the middle the road was too bad not able to proceed further , then we took one local help travelled in a tractor which was parked near the field , at last we went to his house to find him , we got big disappointment that he had went to some other remote location for some personal work .There are many places to explore in kolli hills , time matters we were forced to leave the place .we stared our journey to Chennai reached around Monday 04.00 am .

Points to remember

Route from chennai

1. Chennai to Ulundurpettai to before Attur (Malagaikarai) to Pulaincholai .

note : pulancholai is the trekking point to kolli hills , nearest railway station is Trichy, there is no road way from puliancholai to hill top , i suggest to have a driver if u are planning to go on own car , he can bring the vechile to the nearest end point of the trekking, it is not possible to trekk up and down on the same day, there are lot of sight seeing on the top which has difference of 5 to 10km away which has no public transport.

2. Mobile networks

note : only BSNL has a strong signal,other networks we can get signal not sufficient to make or receive a call.

3. Petrol Station

note : One petrol station is available beginning of the village .

4. Accommodation

note : government guest house is available , youth hostel is also available and couple of Private lodge and resorts . cost for government accommodation is around 550 to 890 max of 06 to 10 people can stay unofficially.

I suggest if any of our club members want to stay there , they can stay in my friends resort on their own tents , i can make an arrangement.

Photo link of Kolli Hills :


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